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Whether you are a novice or been playing for a couple of years, the vibrant sound and loudness will always astonish you when it comes to acoustic guitar. No matter swinging a fast strum or ripping a mean solo, acoustics has its way to give you goosebumps every time.

While the acoustic guitar has all its perks, you should keep in mind all that depends on the quality build and right materials. All the top brands have their superior lineup of guitars with a hefty price tag out of reach for most of us. Fortunately, there is a brand doing things differently at a much affordable price.

Let’s look at our Seagull s6 review to find out what it has to offer.

Seagull s6 guitar

A little about Seagull S6 review

Seagull Guitar is an all Canadian guitar maker that started small in 1982. Their main drive is to take all the crucial parts like solid tops and elegant finishing and make them inexpensive for the working musician. The skilled makers’ handcraft all the guitar they have made since then.

The seagull s6 original is a leading acoustic guitar model in the Seagull guitar list. Like any other model they have, this one also wholly handmade from scratch. Pressure tested cedar top, silver leaf maple neck, and beautiful custom classical finish makes it stand out from the crowd.

The base variant of this guitar is Seagull s6, the original. It’s a dreadnaught style body that is ideal for producing reach sound. Let’s go deep dive in to explore all the features.

Original Review

Along with used as a beginner choice, Seagull S6 has earned its place as an intermediate Guitar. Although it is a common choice for entry-level users, its use in advance has made the guitar more than meets the eyes. 

You will find the Guitar on the “top 5 list” on google if you search. You will find no fancy inlay at first sight, and the design is somewhat traditional with no cutaway. So, why is it unique and extraordinary? The answer is quality. You will not get it when you play. But after hearing its tone, you will realize it and a quality Guitar within the most beginner’s budget range.

The Construction

As I said before, seagull takes pride in all their handmade craftsmanship—no exception in this regard. They made the whole body from various types of woods. The top panel is solid cedar one. At first, it might seem not that uncommon. But you will feel the difference the minute you start playing.

On the back panel as well on the side, they used dark wild cherry. It’s a unique combination compared to other makers. You will found very few guitar makers use this wood on the back. But that’s why seagull original s6 is capable of resonating such tones that are gorgeous and powerful at the same time.

The double functions truss system

Users generally use it to straighten the neck when it changes in humidity and becomes a bit bowed from string tension. In most guitars, there is a method that is adjustable inside the neck called a Truss Rod. If a neck becomes back bowed, you should loosen the truss rod and let the string tension pull the neck back to its typical form. As it does not always work, we adapted a Truss Rod, a Double Function one. over-bowed or under-bowed, the rod in both directions, which gives it extraordinary control over the neck.

The Appearance

Seagull s6 original is a classical woody finish guitar. No fancy color layer or any gloss finish. Hence the name S6 Original. The Base S6 is still attractive to a lot of players, mostly because of the simplicity. If you are one of the classical finish lovers, you will find it pleasing too.

Also, keep in mind that Seagull S6 has other variants from the perspective of design and color profile.  There is a Seagull s6 black for the players like all-black finish. Seagull s6 gt is another variant that comes with a sunburst finish. Lastly, Burnt Ember, a beautiful dark finish, check Seagull s6 slim review for more information on the color.

Comfortable Playability

There is a compensated Tusq by GraphTech, which is a saddle that pays a little on some specific strings to upgrade playability and tone on the guitar. You will notice there are different directions for different strings while changing your strings. This feature is one that most of the users will not observe at the beginning. It is typical among guitars that are actually high-end but very uncommon on an entry-level guitar. This quality makes the guitar an excellent one in terms of tone and comfortable playability.

The Sound

The most thrilling part of an acoustic guitar is its vibrant and loud output. Even without any amplification, it can be loud enough to reach the audience with less effort. If you compare the sound of an S6 with other top-notch guitar brands, you will be surprised to see how close they come despite price differences.

With solid cedar top of the guitar allows it to create a crisp sound even with your softest touch. The classical stain finish also helps in sustaining the tone for much longer. Most Folk, Country song artists prefer this type of guitar for their composition or jam. The seagull s6 can serve all kinds of musicians with ease.

The strings also play a significant part in quality sound-producing. Seagull s6 strings are steel variants. There is not much to say about steel-string apart from they still adequate for guitar jams. But you can always put in your preferred strings if you like.

The Electronics

It’s prevalent to see these days the modern guitars now come with Electronics like pick up, tuner, equalizer, and so on. Keep in mind that these extra features come with an added cost. Luckily this Canadian brand handcraft S6 with both with electronics and without. It gives you a chance to buy the standard guitar, so later you can invest in a decent electronics.


If you have been playing the guitar for some time, you will notice the headstock of Seagull S6 is quite different from other dreadnaught styles classical guitar. It’s pretty uncommon to see ice lolly shape narrow headstock. But there is a reason seagull choose this over other headstocks, to help keep your guitar in tune for a longer time.

You probably can relate to the frustration of tunning your guitar again and again after a song. It happens because of the headstock design that yields higher drag. More full, the headstock is more top the pull is. Seagull’s narrow headstock eliminates drag much efficiently.  

The Saddle

The saddle on any guitar is very important because it holds all your strings in one place. So the nature of the task required the seat to be healthy and durable enough to last longer in heavy pressure. With that in mind, the maker made it from wild cherry wood that does the job correctly and reliably.

The Thick Neck

The only drawback of this beautiful guitar is its neck size. In a sense, the thick neck isn’t a problem in most cases. Almost all the giant size guitar has the same thick neck to support string pressure. A new player may face a problem, but it’s easy to fix with practices. If you are wondering, the seagull s6 scale length is about 25.5 inches.

Seagull s6


  • The sound is crisp and loud.
  • All handcrafted.
  • Tune stays for longer.



  • Thick Neck.
  • Prone to scratching.

Final words

Seagull s6 undeniably a marvelous intermediate level Acoustic Guitar from such a low price point. All the features it comes with is hard to beat when you have limited or small budget. And that’s all Seagull Guitar is doing from the start making guitar affordable.

We strongly hope you find our seagull s6 review helpful for your next guitar buy.

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