Buying the Best Violin for Beginners

Best Violin for Beginners

It’s understandable that quite a few parents are looking for the best violin for beginners to introduce their children to classical music. It’s great for small homes and apartments, unlike a huge grand piano. Violins are generally beautiful instruments, and there’s also a certain cachet attached to owning one. Of course, newbies can be adults … Read more

The Search for the Best Intermediate Violin

Best Intermediate Violin

It’s often a good idea to upgrade your beginner violin for the best intermediate violin you can get, once you’ve progressed beyond the newbie stage in your violin-playing skills. After all, a beginner violin isn’t really all that impressive. It’s often cheaper and of lower quality, and it’s meant to simply help you get used … Read more

Hofner Violin Review: Get best professional budget violin in 2021

There’s something very fun and amusing about an object masquerading like something else. It’s rather quirky and unique, making them quite appealing. This is the case with the Hofner 500/1 Violin Bass which is fashioned after a different stringed instrument, the violin. It’s also referred to as the violin bass, ‘Beatle bass’, or ‘cavern bass’. … Read more

Mendini MV650 Violin Review: Is This Friendly-Priced Pick a Good Match for You?

mendini mv650 violin review

Getting a reliable instrument as your skill progresses is crucial if you want to further improve your violin playing. The right instrument will allow you to explore and fine tune your capabilities so finding the right match is vital. In this Mendini MV650 violin review, we’ll take a closer look at one of the top-recommended … Read more

How Hard is It to Play the Violin? How to Overcome the Steep Learning Curve for this String Instrument

How Hard is It to Play the Violin

With how elegant and graceful violinists look while they play their string instrument, it’s easy to mistake their craft for something that’s easy to do. They do look like they’re just gliding their bow against the strings and moving their fingers on the instrument’s neck and they already get to produce beautiful music. Unfortunately, it’s … Read more

Zyex Violin Strings Review: A Solid Option for a Wide Range of Violinists

zyex violin strings review

For any stringed instruments, the quality and make of the strings also contribute largely to the performance and sound of the musical equipment. They’re primary components of the instrument so it’s crucial to pay close attention to them. As there are also quite a number of considerations that are worth taking into account when choosing … Read more