Seagull Guitars Review Guide [Everything You Need To Know]

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If you are a guitarist and passionate about guitar, you already know that Seagull Company manufactures only the best quality guitars. With the best quality materials and guidance of experts, these guitars are some valuable musical instruments everybody wants to have in their home. But, choosing the best seagull guitar is quite challenging, given that there are many types of guitars are available from this company. That is why we are here today with our seagull guitars review to help you out in the middle of the road.

In this in-depth article, we will discuss everything about the Seagull, and also we will explain why seagull guitars are so popular around the world. Our expert team conducted thorough research and in-depth analysis to determine the three best seagull guitars for you. We believe this comprehensive guide will help you out to choose the best option for you.

So, without further ado, let’s begin the article.

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Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural

The exclusive drive-through neck design.

Seagull Maritime SWS Acoustic-Electric Guitar

High gloss custom polished finish.

Seagull Merlin M4 Spruce EQ Acoustic-Electric Dulcimer

Extra Godin M4 strings.

About Seagull Guitars

Seagull guitars bring innovation in your entire music portfolio. If you love music, you already know that in 1982 a person named Robert Godin manufactured the first-ever Seagull guitar in a state of Canada. A new history was created in the entire music industry.

Because these unique guitars come with many innovation and exclusiveness so that you can continue your music journey effortlessly, Mr. Godin wanted to manufacture a guitar that will be well-equipped with every necessary part to produce great music and come at an affordable rate.

Since then, Seagull guitars are considered as the best hand-crafted musical instruments to fulfill your music needs. Since its inception, these guitars are produced in Canada. Only natural and best quality woods are used to make these unique guitars. If you don’t know, there is a village named LaPatrie and trust us the world’s best guitar makers live in that village.

The hard work and continuous effort of those talented people are the main reasons you are getting these expensive guitars. We love these guitars for their beautiful design and unique sound quality. If you love music, trust us, you will love these guitars undoubtedly.

With excellent service and the best quality products, Seagull already gained a reputation in the entire industry. Their signature attempt to make the environment and eco-friendly guitars are increasing their market reputation. It is admirable as they are working hard to reduce the overall impact on the environment while producing a guitar.

They always use woods that are reclaimed, and their facilities are adequately powered by hydroelectricity. While discouraging deforestation, Seagull guitars are being popular day by day, and today many musicians put their trust in Seagull without any doubt.

seagull guitars review

Seagull Guitars Review: Why You Should Get One

If you are a new guitarist and want a beginner-friendly guitar, Seagull guitars will provide you with an optimum solution in this case. When you want to learn the chords, the entire learning process becomes more comfortable with a seagull guitar.

Whether you are a novice guitarist or a professional person, these guitars come with extraordinary features to impress you. On top of that, you can avail of these guitars at a very much reasonable rate. Moreover, these guitars are quite portable and handy, especially when you hold it during the playtime.

You will surely love the guitar, given that only high-quality materials are used to make it. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you live; seagull guitars have everything to satisfy your requirements. These exclusive guitars come with all unique features, and you’ll hardly find anything to complain about them.

You’ll surely love these guitars given that they offer you quality sound, and you can bring creativity in your home. Honestly speaking, you’ll find countless seagull users around the world who love this brand for its uniqueness and exclusiveness.


One of the greatest things you could think about Seagull is now you’ll find many of their guitars that are environment-friendly. From a long ago, they have been trying to prove themselves as an eco-friendly brand, and undoubtedly now there are one of the best brands that discourage deforestation.

The sourcing is essential here, and Seagull made it possible. They always select their source based on sustainability, and they are trying to remove deforestation. Moreover, they also follow the re-plantation policy so that they can maintain the natural balance of trees.

You’ll be glad to know that Seagull guitars are made of reclaimed woods in many cases so that we can always get a real environment. Then again, there are some kind of tonewoods that can be found in the Canadian forest, used in the manufacture of Seagull guitars.

These kinds of natural woods will make a great guitar that will be capable of creating beautiful sounds. Undoubtedly, seagull rosewood guitar is built with exclusive design in combination with innovation so that you can experience the best quality sound effortlessly.

Neck and Body:

In terms and neck and body shape, you’ll see Seagull guitars are excellent. When it comes to the traditional Seagull instrument, it comes with a dreadnought body shape. On top of that, the guitar’s top is made with solid cedar, a combination of a dark style with tight grain to give you a great musical experience.

Now, if you think about the back and sides, those parts of the guitars are made of some specific elements. Typically, you’ll find wild cherries used with the double binding of cream in the back and sides of the guitar. Besides, the fretboard, which is made from rosewood, makes the guitar more attractive.

A total of 21 frets that come in beautiful inlays can be found in a fretboard. Needless to say, both the neck and body of a seagull guitar are usually made in Canada, and of course, every seagull guitar comes with high quality and durability.


If we ask anyone why Seagull guitars are accessible, the answer lies in their sound quality. If you want to experience a high-quality guitar sound, without any doubt, Seagull guitars can give you an optimum solution.

With all superb quality sound instruments, Seagull will never let you down, and you’ll use these guitars for a long time. You’ll get a high-quality warm tone that will be consistent and have a great articulation from the solid cedar of the guitar. On the other hand, wild cherries maintain a great balance in the overall sound quality.

If you keep your fingers close to the hole, the sound will be louder and clear. Given that it has warm tones, a great tonewood, and clear sounds, a seagull guitar offers you a great musical experience to remember all of your fun moments.

Wouldn’t this be awesome if you can play your favorite guitar with maximum comfort so that your listener can enjoy every bit of your music? Of course, that would be so awesome and can also give you immense mental satisfaction. Trust us, with seagull guitar in your hand, you will enjoy great musical moments.

Moreover, if you are someone who regularly performs stage shows, these guitars are something you will always want. Because Seagull will give you flawless sound, and you won’t face any string or sound-related issues in your live program.

Whether you are a professional guitarist or a pure hobbyist, this guitar will make your day even shiner with excellent sound quality. Moreover, it comes with superb pegs and, of course, with a fantastic set up to give you a tremendous flawless musical experience.


Whether you are a beginner or pro, it doesn’t matter because Seagull is always a great musical instrument. The vision of the manufacturer is crystal clear to everyone. They want to produce the best tools for all passionate musicians, and of course, you can get it at an affordable rate.

If you are passionate about the guitar and want to produce incredible sound, this top-notch musical instrument will give you nothing but perfection. With 25 years of industry experience, Seagull guitars are manufactured with the best quality materials by the experts. Without any doubt, these guitar models are something you will always love to get for satisfying your musical thirst.


When it comes to the frets, Seagull guitars come with high-quality frets to make the instrument more valuable. These frets are made with silver metal, and they will offer easy tuning so that you can play the guitar effortlessly.

These high-quality frets can easily withstand the humidity, and you can use them for a long time. If you have the basic guitar knowledge, trust us, these frets don’t require a frequent change, and you can quickly fix any minor issues with them.

Popular Seagull Guitar Series

In a general sense, Seagull guitars come in nine series to fulfill all of your demands. We know different people come with a distinct taste that is why Seagull always produces their guitars in different series so that you can easily find your type of feeling from it. Below, we discuss some common types of seagull guitars so that you can find the most suitable model for you.


One of the most popular series off seagull guitar is the artist series. There are many popular types of guitars from which you can find the best option for you. However, for your instance, we are mentioning some very famous guitar models of this series. Studio CW element, mosaic element, cameo CW element are some typical seagull guitars that come under the artist series. 

Most of the artist series guitars are generally understandable. However, if you are talking about the Studio concert hall or the Peppino signature, they are some exceptional guitars of this series and comes with a tremendous attractive appearance.

Maritime SWS:

Another excellent series of seagull guitar is the Maritime SWS. If you want a guitar that comes with modern sound and other fabrication, this series could be one of the best options for you. These guitars have everything to meet all of your expectations.  Some famous models are extraordinary in terms of design and sound quality.

We love these guitars for their high durability. Honestly, you can use these guitars for real long time. With excellent sound and beautiful finish without any doubt, maritime SWS is a good seagull guitar series.

Performer Flame Maple:

Now, this series is only for those people who value their passion more than anything in this world. There are only a few models in this series, and needless to say, all of the models are premium quality products.

If you are so passionate about guitar and love to play music on stage, these series are for you to give your best performance in every musical show. 

Coast Line:

If you want a minimalistic guitar, this is an excellent guitar series for you. Many guitars come in a minimalist design in this series. From Cedar 12 to Cedar Folk QIT, these guitars are unique models for you so that you can enjoy every moment of your music journey. 


If you want to know about the most successful seagull guitars around the world, you’ll undoubtedly get one name ahead of everything. Wouldn’t this be awesome if you get all beautiful and tremendous acoustic guitars at an affordable rate?

Of course, it would be awesome. Seagull S6 series comes with many beautiful guitars to meet all of your expectations from a guitar. Especially, seagull s6 Tennessee red can be one of the best options for you.


Here is another successful series of seagull guitars. If you want the most beautiful guitars at a single place, you should go for this series. Given that it produces many beautiful and excellently designed guitars, we love this series.

You’ll find many famous models in this series. With so many exclusive features, these guitars could be an excellent option for you.


Walnut guitars are so much popular among the generations. There are only four types of guitars in this series. If you are looking for guitars made of high-quality tonewoods, they are the best options for you. With excellent sound quality and high durability, walnut series can meet your musical thirst undoubtedly.

Our Review of Best Three Seagull Guitars

As you already know that seagull guitars are the most beautiful guitars and come with many exclusive options for you. Here is our exclusive seagull guitars review for our three top picks.

Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural

Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural

Wouldn’t this be awesome if your guitar comes with many exclusive features to fulfill your musical thirst? Of course, that would be awesome. Thanks to Seagull for this unique and exclusive musical instrument, which will give you a great company in your total music journey. Seagull Merlin SG Dulcimer guitar is built with a solid mahogany top so that you don’t have to take any stress while playing this instrument.

If you love music and played guitar before, you are probably aware that only the top category guitars are made with mahogany, and they will provide you with the premium quality music experience. On top of that, the guitar’s body is made with rock maple, and that is why you can use the guitar for a long time.

Besides, the string through the body will give you some extra flexibility so that you can produce excellent quality sound form this exclusive Seagull guitar. This unique and beautifully designed guitar has four beautiful string which is built with a true inspiration of dulcimer. 

The rock maple back combined with a drive-through neck design will give you extra comfort while playing the music on top of that this exclusive guitar comes with a nut width of 1.280 inches which is so much comfortable for every musician.

If you are a beginner level guitarist and someone like us who plays seagull guitars effortlessly, this could be one of the best options. Besides, the mustache style Tusq Bridge and compensated saddle make this exclusive guitar even more beautiful.

If you want to tune up the guitar without taking any extra hassle, trust us, you can easily do it with excellent vintage style open geared tuners that come with this guitar. With all these exclusive features, this guitar could be one of the best choices for you to continue your musical journey with some excellent experience.


Item Weight              2 poundsDimensions               30 x 18 x 3.5 inchesBrand                         SeagullColor                          MahoganyStrings Number        4

Key Features:

  • String-through body
  • The neck is rock maple
  • The exclusive drive-through neck design
  • 1.280 inches of nut width
  • The top is made with solid mahogany.


  • Aesthetically nice looking
  • solid and well-built
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to play
  • Lovely mellow sound


  • Limited in range

Seagull Maritime SWS Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Seagull Maritime SWS Acoustic-Electric Guitar

If you are looking for an exclusive acoustic-electric guitar to effortlessly move forward in your music journey, this is the right place for you. Seagull Maritime SWS acoustic-electric guitar has everything to meet your expectations so that you can create beautiful music with this remarkable instrument. 

This exclusive guitar comes with great Godin quantum IT electronics so that it can produce a bright tone. On top of that, satin sheen of semi-gloss back and sides of this guitar makes it more beautiful, and you will enjoy seamless music from it. You already know that it comes with mahogany back and hands, which ensures the instrument’s maximum durability.

If you get this seagull parlor guitar, you can use it for a very long time. We love its beautiful back and sides, made of solid wood, and helps the guitar produce a beautiful and crisp tone without hassle. The top of a guitar is always crucial because it is one of the essential parts of a guitar.

This unique seagull guitar comes with a pressure-tested top so you can experience a great musical journey. One thing for sure, the solid wood construction of this electric guitar will help you out to use these unique instruments for a long time. Besides, the guitar has a great finish which will give it an aesthetic look.

On top of that, it will provide the guitar with excellent protection. We believe you’ll surely love this incredibly light and elastic musical instrument, given all exclusive features it will offer to you. With all these unique features, this could be one of the best tools for you.


Item Weight          28 poundsDimensions           9 x 20 x 47 inchesBrand                     SeagullColor                      Burnt UmberBody Material       Mahogany

Key Features:

  • Godin Quantum IT electronics
  • Back and sides are made of mahogany
  • Back and sides are made of solid wood
  • Select pressure tested the top
  • High gloss custom polished finish


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to play
  • protects the guitar
  • Extremely light and elastic
  • Beautiful music


  • Little bit pricy

Seagull Merlin M4 Spruce EQ Acoustic-Electric Dulcimer

Seagull Merlin M4 Spruce EQ Acoustic-Electric Dulcimer

Seagull Merlin M4 spruce EQ acoustic-electric dulcimer is our next pick in this exclusive seagull guitar review. This fantastic guitar comes with many unique features to meet all of your expectations. One of the exciting things about this exclusive package is that it includes an M4 gig bag and Godin M4 strings, which come as a bonus.

Without any doubt, if you want the most enjoyable musical instrument of the seagull family, you should go for this exclusive guitar. It will certainly give you a boost in your confidence to play some exciting music.

The back and neck of this exclusive guitar are made of rock maple, which is a good reason for the high quality of music you’ll have from this instrument. On top of that, the solid spruce top of this guitar will provide you with extra flexibility. 

We know you always want the best quality tuner to play your guitar because you believe there should not be any compromise with the music and its quality. Keeping that in mind, this unique product comes with a B-brand preamp with an onboard tuner to produce seamless music effortlessly and conveniently.

This exclusive four-string guitar makes you every music moments memorable. Wouldn’t this be awesome if you can produce unique melodies without taking any extra stress? Yes, of course, it would be awesome.

Now, music will be even interesting and exciting with this fantastic seagull guitar. Whether you are a novice guitarist or professional musician, this remarkable instrument will make your day even shiner.


Item Weight       8.98 poundsDimensions        34.02 x 10 x 7.01 inchesBrand                  SeagullColor                   NaturalBody Material    Maple

Key Features:

  • Back and neck are made of maple
  • The top is solid spruce
  • Four-string instrument
  • Seagull M4 gig bag
  • Extra Godin M4 strings


  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Highly portable
  • Easily playable
  • High-fidelity pickup system


  • Excessive feedback while plugged in

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who makes seagull Guitars?

If you know about the Godin guitars, you are probably aware that they are the manufacturer of some of the most beautiful guitars around the world. Now, Seagull guitar is a subsidiary company of the Godin guitars. All of Seagull guitars are made in Canada. Seagull has their expert team of engineers and designers who makes the seagull guitars for you.

Where are Seagull guitars made?

As you already know that Seagull is a Canadian company, and all of the Seagull guitars are manufactured in place of Canada. More specifically, the name of that place is La Patrie in Canada. Seagull is a reputed company for its eco-friendly nature.

Are Seagull guitars handmade?

Yes, seagull guitars are handmade, and only experts are involved in the entire manufacturing process. Whether it’s the basic guitar or premium quality guitars, it doesn’t matter. Because all of the seagull guitars are handmade, and it ensures the quality of the guitars.

What is the best Seagull guitar?

In a general sense, there are many unique guitars in the seagull series you’ll love. But, it is quite challenging for you to distinguish the right products from the bad ones.

However, if you want the best seagull guitar, we recommend Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural. Our experience will give you a whole new level of expertise when it comes to playing guitar.

Final Words

At this point in this comprehensive article, we assume that you got all the information about Seagull guitars. These guitars are famous worldwide as they offer the best sound quality, excellent playability, and, most importantly, come at a reasonable price.

We tried to gather all the necessary information for you in this seagull guitars review guide to choose the best option for you. Our firm belief is now you can select the best seagull guitar for you. We wish you a great day ahead full of fun and music with the best seagull guitar at your hand. 

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