Why Drums Are Better Than Guitar?

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Do you have a band whose songs you like to hear? Apart from the vocals and lyrics, there are several other instruments used in a track arrangement. Among them, the guitar and drums are the most vital ones. In this ‘Why drums are better than guitar’ article, we will learn about both instruments and how they actually contribute to making a song much better.

There are times when you feel like you need some alone time, you don’t want anyone to come over or talk to you, but you have a constant companion who never bothers you. When you are feeling down, what is that one thing to make you feel better? Yes, It’s music! At least for most if not all. I bet there is not a single person who doesn’t like to hear music.

When you used to hear The Beatles, Linkin Park, Aerosmith, or whichever band you loved in your teenage period, you must have had a dream of having a band. I wanted to play guitar and drums both. Too bad it didn’t turn out to be true! While both instruments fascinated me, my likings toward the drums are more than any other thing. It could be because of the beats.

The drum beats have always been the key to my mood lifts. Even you would have noticed how you play a fast-paced track when you are on cloud nine, but settle for slow tracks when the environment is not so happy. I know guitars are equally responsible behind the scenes. But there are undoubtedly some extra factors in playing drums!

Why Drums Are Better Than Guitar?

There are many aspects to think regarding ‘Why drums are better than guitar’ question. Both are vital instruments for giving life to music. The choice depends entirely on one’s personal preference. You can like to play guitar or be more inclined towards drums, however, in many ways, drums are undoubtedly better than guitar.

Why Drums Are Better Than Guitar

Drums Vs Guitar

The Cost:        

The amount you have to spend on buying these instruments is very important in this issue. As we know, to learn an instrument, you must practice playing it with dedication. Only then you can be a skillful musician. And having a personal piece of instrument is always the best way to practice regularly. Most beginners settle for a starter-level guitar or drum set for that.

Spending too much for a beginner kit is not wise, because you have to use it day and night. This is an investment from your side and you should utilize it carefully. You can buy a beginner-level guitar kit at approximately $300 or less. The guitar could be an electric one or acoustic one depending on your choice. Once you get more skilled, you can purchase a better one.

In cases of drums, a 5-piece complete quality drum set shall cost almost $500, more or less. A complete drum set means all the drums, toms, cymbals, accessories, etc. This is a good deal considering you won’t have to spend an extra amount on anything. As the drum kit is worn out with time, you can slowly change one by one piece with better quality accessories.

Now you can say, a guitar is less expensive than the drum set. This is absolutely true if you are only thinking about the bucks. However, if you focus carefully, you will see the drum set actually lasts long. The initial price may be more than average, you can use a good quality drum set with proper maintenance. Moreover, you can always upgrade parts of the set if necessary.

But there is no chance of upgrading a guitar. Once you become more skilled at guitar playing, you need to replace the old one with a new guitar with more advanced features. Ultimately increasing your expenses in the long run. However, the price shouldn’t be a deciding factor for your choice of music, you have to be open-minded about your passion.


Both drums and guitars have a significant weight. But guitars are comparatively lighter than the drums. It’s not an issue if you are playing in your studio or house, but in outdoor gigs, it does matter. You can carry your guitar more easily than the drum set. Fortunately, there is some acoustic guitar set that you can carry yourself. You just fold them and tuck them in your vehicle.

Usually the bigger the drum is, the louder the sound it will make. But the size, in fact, is a crucial matter when you have to travel a lot. If your drums are electronic, then the setup process you have to go through is much more troublesome than an electric guitar setup.

Drummers Are Popular

Just think about it, how many guitarists and drummers you have in your circle? The guitarist’s number will be more than drummers. Does it mean drums are not popular? The answer may surprise you. In most scenarios, a good drummer is more popular than a good guitarist. Because, you can find a good guitarist any time, but a good drummer is hard to come by.

Guitarists are one of the most common commodities in the music world. If you are to start a new band, there are plenty of guitar players to look around. On the contrary, you won’t find that many excellent drummers. Many people learn guitar for the less initial costs, not because they love it. As a result, drummers are always in demand because of their scarcity.

You can always find work if you are a good drummer. In fact, you can choose any band among several options. But unless you are an extraordinary guitarist, being a good guitarist won’t matter much as there are hundreds of better guitar players out there.

Drums vs Guitar Complexity

Drums vs Guitar, which is easier to learn? It has to be one of the most asked questions of all time. The answers may change from person to person, however, let’s talk about the technical aspects of learning these two instruments. You can just pull strings on a guitar or hit the drums with a drum stick, but does it make you a musician? Surely not.

Both these instruments are hard if you don’t have the passion to learn. You can spend a large amount on the instrument and private lessons, yet it’s impossible to be a master without any dedication and hard work. If you just want to play music for a fun time, not as a career, learning guitar would be the best choice as a few chords will be enough to play some basic songs.

But there is no shortcut with drums. You should really concentrate if you want to create music with drums. You must pay attention to the coordination, timing of the strikes, toning of the drums, etc. Otherwise, the drums will sound like just some loud bangs. No music at all.

Which One Should You Learn?

When you are thinking about universal music, there is no competition between drums or guitars. Both are phenomenal in their way. They make the music more lively and more beautiful so we can feel joy.

One interesting fact about drums is, you can use any household objects as a substitute for drums. If you have the perfect sense of beats and tempo, any instrument can be used to sound like drum beats. However, a guitar has no such substitute. You need to use tunes and chords to play the guitar strings, no normal object will do the work as guitar strings.

If we talk from technical perspectives, a beginner can easily learn how to play drums. Because learning drums is not so hard if you have a sense of rhythm and when to hit the drum. With regular practice, you can improve your skill and playability. Hence, many amateurs find playing drums easier to focus on. With guitars, things get more complicated.

A guitar has many frets along with the strings. And different combinations of frets can create various types of tones. Making a tune in the guitar is much more difficult than watching someone do it. As a novice guitarist, you should be very focused and keen to learn these little yet powerful tricks. Only then you can be the best of the best in the crowd.

Then comes the practice of these two instruments. We all know that practice is the main key to success. An instrument is also no exception in this case. The drums require less detailing than a guitar, hence playing drums are usually preferred by many beginners. But while the details are not so complex, drums need more training time to get that perfect tune.

A guitar rehearsal session is less tiresome than drums. You just have to use two hands and your mind while playing the guitar. No extra physical strength is necessary. With drums, you need to remember how much force to use, which part of drums creates what types of sound, how to hold a drum stick, etc. It may or may not confuse you as a newbie drummer.

After a few days of guitar sessions, you will have the general idea of chords and frets. You will know how to and when to use them. This basic knowledge is enough to play a few tunes on your guitar.

If yet, you haven’t gotten the answer to why drums are better than guitar, I suggest you take a few lessons of both these instruments. You will definitely get the idea once you try playing them both. You may start guitar and find out that tuning the strings is not your thing. Or you may play drums at first and feel that you don’t have the sync sense of a drummer.

You can switch in between them, you can choose one. Or if you enjoy both, you can learn both and many more! Remember, there is no restriction when it comes to learning new things.

Frequently Asked Question

Are drums harder than guitar?  

Generally, playing an instrument can be easy or hard depending on the person. Some think drums are easier than guitar, and some think the opposite. And a few people think both are easy to learn and play. Although learning to play guitar can be a bit trickier than drums. As it involves different cord, scales, frequently tuning, etc. can make the guitar a complex one.

Playing drums needs you to be physically alert because the sound depends on the strength of your hit. However, learning drums is a bit easier than the guitar. But mastering drums are not so easy. It needs lots of dedication, practice, effort, etc. to be a good drummer.

Why are Drums the best instrument?

There are plenty of musical instruments all around the world with numerous music genres. You can say drums are the best instrument for various reasons. Drums are one of the oldest of them, while it has been improved with time. Sound of drums can lift your mood and boost your energy. Just add some drum beats to a song, and you can feel the difference clearly.

Learning any instrument is a good way to feel better. Playing drums can also teach you about many things like proper timing, hand and leg coordination, power strike, etc. Continuous drum practice can increase your concentration level and coordination skill.

Are drums the hardest instrument to play?

No, drums are most definitely not the hardest instrument to play. There are many complicated instruments other than drums. But it doesn’t mean anyone can start playing drums without any prior knowledge. If you know some basic things like how to read a music sheet, how to hold a drumstick, etc. the further steps become much more enjoyable for you.

But you have to remember one thing, learning to play music can become easier if you put your heart into it. So, you must be committed to the learning process. Practicing frequently can help you to become a very good drummer.

Are drums the easiest instrument?

Well, the answer can be different from person to person. For some people, drums may seem easier, while some may think the opposite. But if you compare drums to guitar or violin, the latter two are a bit difficult to learn at first. You have to know many things like chords, rhythms, tuning, etc. for those two. Drums are not that complicated.

But playing drums can be problematic if you don’t know the fundamentals of this specific instrument. Moreover, you have to practice on a regular basis to improve your drumming skills. Having a mentor is always better for your growth, but you can teach yourself with a beginner level drum set too.

Are drums hard to learn?

No, drums are not that much hard to learn. If you are motivated and dedicated to playing drums, learning becomes much easier. Mastering the drum is a harder process. While many may think it is just striking the drum head with a stick, it’s not so simple. You have to know the timing, the tone, and how to coordinate your body movement while playing the drums.

You can learn drums in many ways like hiring a personal mentor, enrolling in a digital institute for drum lessons, or self-teaching using books, DVDs, YouTube, etc.

Guitar Vs Piano, which one is harder to play?

If you are a dedicated learner with a passion for music, learning guitar or piano wouldn’t be much of a problem. That being said, the methods of playing these tools are totally different from each other. According to most musicians, piano playing is the easiest at the beginning stage. Later it gets trickier to master the piano.

While with a guitar the case is opposite. A beginner guitarist has the toughest time of learning the basics. Gradually the playing gets easier for them.

Final Thoughts:

Drums or guitar, the choice is an independent decision for maximum people. You can not force someone to play drums better if he is not into it. The same goes for any other instrument. A drummer must have a strong timing sense, rhythm, coordination, whereas a guitarist must be well-informed about both theoretical and practical knowledge about the harmonies.

All comes down to what you want, what excites you the most. If you are confused between drums or guitar, you can take a few lessons on both instruments. See which one makes you the happiest. Because even if I show you hundreds of logic behind why drums are better than guitar, you have to believe that yourself.

There is always a chance that you would like to play guitar more. And that’s perfectly alright. Both are wonderful and have their own significance. Amidst all the speculations and discussion, the most important fact is music in all forms works as a healer to our soul. Be it guitar, drums, piano, or just plain voice without any instrument.

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