Traps Drum Set Review: Is It The Perfect One For You?

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When you are thinking about playing the drum, do you like the electronic or the acoustic drum set better? Electronic drums have been really well-known for their fine quality sounds, however, for me playing an acoustic drum set feels more exciting. In this Traps drum set review, we are going to discuss if this drum set is worthy enough to spend your bucks on.

As a newbie drummer, you have to learn many techniques like the best ways to hold a drumstick, how to read the music sheet, etc. But first, get yourself a good beginner level drum setBecause unless you practice, no theoretical knowledge is going to teach you the drum playing method. It will be easier for you to make a schedule for your learning sessions.

The electrical one or the acoustic one, which one should be the best option for you? These two types have their own advantages depending on the genre of music you are playing. This Trap acoustic drum set is far better because of the portability option. Not to mention, the sound quality and the easy setup process also makes it more convenient for performance.

Traps Drum Set

A General Overview:

Among many other well-known brands, Traps drums have been around for quite some time. They started their journey more than 25 years ago, and never have failed to deliver quality products so far. One bonus point for Traps drums is that they are lightweight yet creates very good quality sounds. You can use these drums for several genres of music.

Among all other Traps instruments, this A400 drum set has some different features. This acoustic set has been always admired by drummers since its release in 2004. Many professionals prefer to use this drum set for their gigs or practice sessions.

Who Can Play the Traps Drum Set?

  • As a professional drummer, you can use this set for your live programs or gigs. It creates great sounds. You can also use it for rehearsal purposes.
  • If you are a student, you can use this product as the practice kit for your drum sessions. This set is easy to set up and you can store it in a corner of the room.
  • If you are a beginner who just started playing drums, you can use this drum set for your regular learning session.

Traps Drum Set Review

The Traps A400 Drum set is an acoustic style setup. This 5-piece drum set comes with a kick drum, a snare drum, three toms, bass, kick pedal, high hat stand, mounting rack, etc. Other than cymbals, you won’t have to buy any extra accessories for this set. This is a light weight product and extremely flexible to set up.

This drum set is pretty handy for carrying it around. You can just fold it and take it anywhere with you simply by tucking it in your vehicle trunk. The sound quality is very suitable for live performances as well as practice sessions. This can be a good support when you are trying all the best ways to learn drums.



The Traps A400 is a portable set, however, it works like any other regular drum kit. The drums are fixed using steel loops. The bass drum has a double head and the snare drum comes with an auto-tensioner. Sturdy ABS plastic is used to make these different sized drums. The steel made rack has a mounting system to give a strong backup.

As the drums are made of plastics, they are lighter than the steel frames. However, the overall weight is not much and you can pick this kit with ease.

The Package:

With the drums, you will get hardware like cradles, hi-hat pedals, bass pedals, arms to mount cymbals. The pedals come with chains and footprints. That extra hardware is of very good quality. It has almost everything a drummer might need to start his career. You have to purchase the cymbals separately though.

For its toy-like design, people may think of it as a simple beginner’s drum set. While you can use it for learning or practicing drums, this set can beat most professional drum kits in terms of performance and sound quality.


As this drum set is shell-less, you shouldn’t expect it to sound like one. But they can certainly make a similar quality sound if not the exact. Most people wouldn’t be able to identify the difference between the sounds of a regular drum kit and A400 if they are not experts. Most importantly, the toms are easy to tune and don’t need damping beforehand.

This is definitely a better set to perform in live sessions, because of the sound volume it can create. Even without a mic, you can create the perfect and authentic sounds while playing this. This also can be played for various styles of music like jazz, classic, rock, etc.

While beginners are also recommended to use this as their first drum set, you must remember that it is a powerful set. And you can not control the sound it produces until it has silence pads with it. If you don’t want your neighbor to complain about too loud music, keep it low and steady while playing with this set!

Easy Setup:

This is a portable set hence doesn’t need much effort to set up. This also doesn’t require much space due to its compact design. You can fold it and keep it in a corner of the room, or travel with it in your car as a matter of fact. It also doesn’t require any electrical function when you are playing it on stage or for a simple gig. This saves you a lot of time and energy.

In other shell-less drum sets, there was a chance of the bass drum to collapse for a weak ground frame. However, this Traps drum set has such a strong mounting rack system that the drums can’t be moved.


The drums are made of strong A.B.S plastic materials making them a long-lasting one. The makers have taken great care of the design as a portable tool has to be sturdy enough. The joints are made of steel hoops so when you set the kit, there is no chance of trembling during the play session. The steel rack is made of steel chromed tubes, making it extra strong.


  • A 5-piece portable drum kit
  • Strong mounting rack to support the drums
  • Drums are built of high-quality materials
  • Mount style rack
  • An acoustic drumkit
  • Easy to carry due to light weight

Things We Like:

  • This is a portable drum set. You can carry it anywhere with you.
  • A great drum set for both professional and learning goals.
  • You can set this up easily for both left and right-handed players.
  • This set has a sturdy build up. It can last a long time.
  • You can use it for different genres of music.
  • The set doesn’t take much space after setting up.

Things We Didn’t Like:

  • It doesn’t come with any cymbals.
  • The sound produced by the bass drum may sound flat sometimes.

Traps Drum Set Review

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does this set contain all important equipment?

No, you have to purchase the cymbals separately.

Q. Will it be good for live performance?

Absolutely! This sounds great on the mic.

Q. The drum set is said to be portable. Is it really? Does it take too much space?

Yes, this drum set is easily movable. You can store it by folding it. And it doesn’t take much space.

Q. What are the sizes of the toms, the snare, and the kick drum?

The sizes of the toms are 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches. The snare is 12 inches and the kick drum is 22 inches.

Q. Can I adjust the drums according to my height?

Yes, this set is flexible. Hence, you can adjust the height of the drums.

Final Thoughts

Playing drums may seem very difficult to some onlookers. But once you start learning the details, you would start to see the magic of the beats a drum can create. But for that, you must have a good drum set for practice purposes. The setup process is easy and you can travel with it with ease. The price is also not too much if you consider all the benefits you’ll gain from it.

While searching for a good drum set for your drumming career, you will come across many famous brands for musical instruments. It may seem hard to pinpoint which drum kit you should go for, but if you know what you need, choosing the best one is never a problem.

In this Traps drum set review, you can find all the necessary details like features, our likings, disliking, the most common queries, etc. While this drum set may seem to be a beginner drums set, it is a great kit for professional drummers also. As a professional, you might have to travel a lot, and this portable drum set will be the most ideal one for you.

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