Mendini MV650 Violin Review: Is This Friendly-Priced Pick a Good Match for You?

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Getting a reliable instrument as your skill progresses is crucial if you want to further improve your violin playing. The right instrument will allow you to explore and fine tune your capabilities so finding the right match is vital.

In this Mendini MV650 violin review, we’ll take a closer look at one of the top-recommended picks for intermediate players. So if you think you’re ready to move forward to a better violin than your starter unit, read on.

mendini mv650 violin review

Mendini MV650 Violin Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re already looking for the best intermediate violin, you will most likely know by now that there are tons of options if you wish to purchase a violin. You should also know by now that not all violins are made equally, so you have to be very discerning and know what to look for. This will ensure that you’ll find your right match.

The Mendini MV650 is one of the top picks for intermediate and even professional players so it can be a solid choice for you as well. It’s designed and crafted for those who are in need of a more elegant instrument to help them move forward in their learning process without costing an arm and a leg. It’s a nice mid-range option, providing the quality necessary for the skill level of intermediate players at a reasonable price.

A Quick Look at the Mendini by Cecilio Brand

To get a good feel of the Mendini MV650, let’s take a quick look at the brand. This will help you get acquainted with the violin’s manufacturer, giving you a quick background of who they are and whether they’re reliable.

Mendini is actually a brand by Cecilio, a renowned violin manufacturer. Cecilio violins are highly regarded as their pieces are crafted by skilled luthiers. They also use century-old techniques in crafting their pieces so it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that their products are hailed as some of the best in the market today.

Mendini, on the other hand, is the affordable line of Cecilio. As is common among manufacturers, Mendini was created by Cecilio so they can tap into the student market by offering high-quality instruments that will not break the bank. They’re still nicely made even if they’re not manufactured in the exact same way as Cecilio brand products. They’re even considered as one of the top violin manufacturers today even if it’s budget-friendly.

One distinct feature that Mendini violins have is their warm tone, so if you prefer that kind of sound, this brand will be a great match for you. The build and quality of the materials are also notable because despite their affordable price tags, they are still made with decent components.

Mendini primarily offers violins for beginners and intermediate players. They’re designed to be handled by non-experts so don’t worry too much about making mistakes with them.

The Mendini MV650

And now for the Mendini MV650 violin review.

The first thing that you need to know about this item is the fact that it’s not a beginner violin. It’s made for intermediate and experienced violinists who are looking for something that’s better than their starter violin. It’s fashioned after the best violin for professionals, guaranteeing that it’s a step up for learners who are ready to take on more challenging parts of mastering the stringed instrument.

Among its most notable features is its one-piece back and sides. This design helps it have a more decent build and tone as it’s a common feature among specialty violins. The flaming is nicely done and offers a nice finish. The build is also quite solid and nicely constructed. It’s certainly an attractive piece of instrument and it doesn’t look cheap at all.

As for its sound, most buyers note that it has a nice sound, both in terms of volume and tone. It has a mellow tone that suits the needs of intermediate players as they move through violin grades.

It will need some assembly upon arrival, however, so expect to need to attach the bridge and tune or replace the strings. Some aren’t big fans of the accessories like the free strings, bow, and chinrest included. You can opt to buy replacements and give your unit a nice upgrade.

The price is in the affordable range compared to other professional options. As this item is a top of the line model from Mendini, it’s a bit pricier than other options so that might be worth looking into as well.


4/4 full sizeHigh-quality maple woodSolid hand spruce topHighly flamed one-piece back and sidesEbony pegs, fingerboard, and chinrestEbony tailpiece with mother of pearl inlay4 detachable fine tuners1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Also includes:2 Brazilwood bow with genuine, unbleached Mongolian horsehairLightweight form-fitting hard caseBridgeAdjustable shoulder restRosin cakeExtra set of strings


Affordably priced.Solid build with decent components and construction.Beautiful finish makes it look very presentable.Comes with a lot of essentials so you don’t have to buy a lot of extras.Very portable case makes it easy to transport and lug around.Has a great sound that is a great bonus for its price point.Lightweight and easy to carry around.Comes with detachable tuners.


Strings are included but they’re not top quality.Some recommend upgrading certain parts and inclusions like the bow and shoulder rest. Opting for the best violin strings instead of using the included strings is also often suggested by buyers.Slightly more expensive than the other popular pick from Mendini, the MV500.


So is the Mendini MV650 the right pick for you? It still depends on your preferences and skill levels but with its good build and quality materials, it can make a good case for budding violinists. If you’re ready to take on the next step in improving your skills, this budget-friendly option has the features that will suit your requirements. Some tweaking and upgrading may be necessary but they wouldn’t be that costly.

If you still can’t make up your mind, don’t fret. You can always compare this Mendini MV650 violin review with others so you can better assess which product will suit your needs best.

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